Alexandra Kotlebova
Consulting . Communication . Coaching
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Alexandra Kotlebova
Consulting . Communication . Coaching

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My Focus Areas

In my work, I combine proven communication skills with personal leadership and organizational development. My know-how includes strategic and conceptual competencies as well as creativity and operational implementation skills.

Consulting on Change & Transformation Communication

Communication plays an essential role in the success of change and transformation projects. I support you in developing the right change management and communication strategy for your organization and your project.

  • Communicative Positioning: Consulting on the communicative direction of change initiatives as well as on the strategic approach to communication
  • Stakeholder and impact analysis: Analysis and segmentation of stakeholders, organizational areas and change impacts; definition of communication goals and principles
  • Strategy: Development of needs-based and stakeholder-oriented communication strategies and concepts
  • Messaging & Storyline: Development of clear, comprehensible, and consistent messages and storylines for changes and transformations

Planning and Implementation of Communication Projects

An effective implementation of change processes requires diligent planning. At the same time, every plan should be flexible enough to withstand changing conditions and still provide orientation. I implement your change project together with you.

  • Planning: Creation of target group-specific, integrated, and flexible communication plans. This includes the specification of communication goals in line with the project phases and target groups, the proposal for applicable communication content, formats, channels, and timing as well as criteria and methods for measuring progress.
  • Design: Communication concepts, creative work, detailed planning of communication tactics and activities, methodical and didactical design of workshops and large group events.
  • Implementation: Coordination and implementation of a wide range of communication measures (usually in cooperation with other service providers or competence centers on the customer side).
  • Controlling: Measuring the effectiveness of communication and deriving appropriate follow-up activities.

Personal and Business Coaching

Taking time for yourself, assorting your life and work topics, finding focus, becoming more effective –this can rarely be done alone. In my coaching, I provide time and space to broaden your field of vision, discover your potential and gain clarity on what is important for you, your team, and your organization.

  • Communication and personal impact: Enabling leaders to develop and effectively deploy their communicative competence and approach in change processes.
  • Leadership and personal development: Accompanying individuals over an extended period of time working on relevant personal and professional topics (e.g., important decision making, sharpening your personal competence profile, further developing your personal leadership style, expanding your scope of action, activating resources)

"At the most important crossroads of life, there are no signposts."

Ernest Hemingway


Certified coach at the Hephaistos Coaching Center Munich, DBVC-certified training.

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