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Alexandra Kotlebova
Consulting . Communication . Coaching

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Project Examples and References

The many small and large projects I have been supporting and leading as a consultant, manager and leader over the past 20 years have given me the expertise in change communication that I can now offer to you.

Examples of change communication projects in my responsibility:

  • International M&A and PMI projects e.g., acquisitions, mergers, business unit spin-offs, integration of legal entities, site consolidations, process, and system harmonization
  • Repositioning of the company or individual divisions/regions e.g., introduction of a new strategy, restructuring & reorganization processes, cultural change (leadership culture, values, new work initiatives), development of vision and mission statements, brand positioning, regional or division-specific strategies and realignments
  • Complex, long-term transformations e.g., digitalization programs, initiatives to become more customer-focused, expansion into new markets and cultures, global harmonization of business processes, improvement of collaboration between Sales and Marketing, improvement initiatives (Continuous Improvement Program) in the areas of quality, innovation, research & development, production, etc.
  • Supporting leaders in the development of the organization (entire company or individual divisions and departments) e.g., in the case of management changes, reorganizations or in the context of global leadership conferences
  • Personal and professional development of leaders e.g., advancement of the personal communication competence in change processes, developing, sharpening, or adapting one's personal leadership style

What my clients, customers and partners say about me:

Alexandra Kotlebova has advised the Infineon Management Board on strategic communication projects over several years. These involved various M&A and change projects as well as the positioning of the Infineon brand in internal and external communications. With her structured approach and her understanding of the business processes and organizational structures of our international group, she succeeded in involving all key stakeholders in these complex topics. I have found Alexandra Kotlebova to be a very interested and pleasant conversation partner who is equally distinguished by her holistic understanding of systems and her strength in operational implementation.

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, former CEO of Infineon Technologies AG

Alexandra is a highly skilled, systemically qualified, and holistically thinking organizational developer – and a great coach! We have worked together for several years at Europe's largest communications consultancy and that was a very inspiring and successful time in terms of professionality, humanity, and partnership. That was a long time ago, and since then Alexandra has continued to develop in her area of expertise: in her current work as an expert for change & transformation, she brings all her experience from many years of communication, business excellence and change in an international technology group to bear, in a very empathetic and well-founded way. In addition, she brings creativity, joy in the consultative and supportive work and in the cause, as well as fearlessness and clarity of thought.

Ralf Langen

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